Love & Romance flower arrangements by EuropeanPetals. Filled with love and colors taken from nature's hearth. Same-day delivery available. Lighten up your hearth with these flowers.


$ 125.00

Beautiful compact arrangement with Orchids, Roses, Hydrangeas and more..    Availability of some flowers may vary. However we guarantee to match color and the uniqueness

Spring Love

$ 85.00

Clear glass vase with beautiful color combinations of Snapdragon, Sorbonne Lily, Gerbera Daisy, Tulips, and a beautiful touch of Hydrangea.

Topiary Love

$ 250.00

This beautiful 24 inches topiary features Roses, Orchids, Hydrangeas, Tulips, Spray Roses, and Variegated Ivy.


$ 100.00

Gold Dipped Roses, Orchids and Pussy Willow branches in a beautiful container.

Beautiful Smile

$ 75.00

A wonderful arrangement featuring Orchids, Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips and Hydrangea all in a wooden box.

A Promise

$ 95.00

A bundle of short stem roses surrounded by Orchids in a square vase.

Elise Noir

$ 100.00

A lovely arrangement of Roses, Orchids and Tulips in a square vase.   *Availability of seasonal flowers may vary. We guarantee to match colors.

Be my Valentine

$ 100.00

A compact design featuring Roses, Orchids and Succulents in a fish bowl.


$ 150.00

Hydrangeas, Orchids and Gerbera Daisies all beautifully arranged in a rectangular box, with an elegant touch of Bear grass.

Traditional Love

$ 100.00

A lovely bouquet of Roses and Tulips.

Pure Joy

$ 125.00

A bright arrangement of Calla Lilies, Roses, Pincushion, Protea, Tulips and Dusty Miller.


$ 125.00

Roses and Succulents arrangement in a round vase.

Let's Fall in Love

$ 135.00

A delicate arrangement of Hydrangeas and Orchids in a round vase.

Love me

$ 200.00

Beautiful Rose arrangement with Cymbiduim Orchids in a square wooden box. If you would like any other color roses please contact us.

Lavender Touch

$ 135.00

A compact floral design in a mercury glass containing Hydrangeas, Succulents and Roses.

Mi Amor

$ 100.00

An elegant compact arrangement featuring Dutch Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangeas and Orchids in a square vase.

Full of Joy

$ 175.00

A bundle of Roses surrounded by Orchids in a tall, round vase.

Sweet Surprise

$ 75.00

A compact arrangement of Roses and Orchids.

Eye Candy

$ 65.00

A beautiful arrangement of Roses, Orchids and Hydrangeas in a fish bowl.

Golden Sunset

$ 95.00

A tall vase with an arrangement of roses, alstroemerias, stock, carnations, and spray roses that will sure make anyone’s day.


$ 75.00

A beautiful square vase arrangement filled with dahlias, parrot tullips, roses, hydrangeas, celosias, and dendrobium orchids

Lavender Ellagance

$ 95.00

Cymbidium orchid, roses, delphinium, berries, greens in cube.